Caramel Ejuice 120ml

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Caramel Ejuice 120ml

Caramel Ejuice 120ml Specifics:

Brand: Venomz
Series: Chef’s Blends
Name: Crema Caramella
Flavor:caramel cream
Capacity: 120ml

Aromatic soft caramel cream with a jelly coating and sprinkled almonds on top.

First of all, Venomz Caramel Ejuice 120ml offers a luscious combination of aromatic soft caramel cream, a jelly coating, and sprinkled almonds on top.
The main flavor note is the rich and velvety caramel cream, which provides a smooth and indulgent taste experience.
Also the addition of a jelly coating adds a playful twist to the flavor profile, creating a delightful contrast that enhances the overall vaping sensation.
Furthermore, to add a touch of texture and crunch, the e-liquid is topped with finely sprinkled almonds, which complement the creamy caramel flavor.
As a result you will enjoy a well-balanced blend of flavors ensures a satisfying vaping experience.
And where the caramel cream takes center stage, while the jelly coating and almonds provide additional layers of taste and enjoyment.
Another important factor,is that you can adjust the nicotine level in Venomz Caramel Ejuice 120ml  according to your preference.
As a result all vapers can enjoy this flavor with the nicotine level ranging from 0mg to 12mg.
Finally, whether you’re a fan of caramel or simply looking for a sweet and comforting vape, Venomz Caramel Ejuice 120ml is sure to satisfy your cravings.
In conclusion, Venomz Caramel Ejuice 120ml from the Chef’s Blends series is a must-have for vapers who crave the irresistible taste of caramel.
With its combination of aromatic soft caramel cream, jelly coating, and sprinkled almonds, it offers a mouthwatering blend of flavors and textures.
Customize the nicotine level to your liking and indulge in the sweet indulgence of this remarkable e-liquid.

Caramel Ejuice 120ml HOW TO MIX IT


The amount of each fragrance may vary depending on the flavour, all perfumes are calculated for dilution with a base within the bottle.
ATTENTION! The product is not ready to use! It is fragrance and needs to be mixed with a base!

To achieve nicotine 0mg you must add to the bottle:

VG = 96ml

To achieve nicotine 3mg you must add to the bottle:

Royal Vape (two) Nicotine Booster 20mg = 18ml

VG = 78ml

To achieve nicotine 6mg you must add to the bottle:

Royal Vape Nicotine Booster 20mg = 36ml

VG = 60ml

For maximum steaming experience, steeping is recommended for a few days.

Packing Items:

Crema Caramela Ejuice 120ml

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0mg, 12mg, 3mg, 4.5mg, 6mg, 9mg, Only Flavor



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