GeekVape Coils B Series


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GeekVape Coils B Series

GeekVape Coils B Series Specification:

Brand Name: Geekvape
Type: Coils
Model Number: G series Coils
Compatible:Geekvape Aegis Boost 2 B60
Resistance: 0.6Ω , 0.4Ω, 0.3Ω ,0.2Ω

GeekVape Coils B Series Details:

GeekVape Coils B Series is an essential component for GeekVape atomizers.
They are specially made to provide the perfect vaping experience.
First of all, they come in a wide variety of sizes and styles.
As a result all vapers are sure to find a coil that suits their atomizer.
In addition, the coils are made with high-grade material and provide outstanding performance.
Furthermore, they feature a balanced combination of excellent flavor and ample cloud production.
The  Coils B Series offers the perfect combination of coils to suit the users’ atomizer.
The coils feature a variety of resistances from 0.2ohm to 0.8ohm, providing vapers with plenty of options.
They are also designed to provide a balanced combination of flavor and vapor production.
Plus, the coils are designed to reduce the risk of leaking, providing enhanced security and reliability.
Because of this, the B Series Coils offers a reliable, efficient, and enjoyable vaping experience.
The Coils B Series also offers superior value for money.
Finally, the B Series Coils provides an excellent vaping experience for vapers of all skill levels.
In addition, the B Series Coils offers superior performance compared to other coils on the market.

  • B0.2 ohm: 50-58 watts

  • B0.3 ohm: 30-38 watts

  • B0.4 ohm: 25-35 watts

  • B0.6 ohm: 15-25 watts

Packing Items:

One pack (5 pc)

Additional information


0.2 Ω, 0.3 Ω, 0.4 Ω, 0.6 Ω



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