Zeus X Mesh RTA coils


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Zeus X Mesh RTA coils

Zeus X Mesh RTA coils Specifics:

Brand: GeekVape
Model: Rebuilt able coils
Type: RTA coils
Compatible: GeekVape Zeus X Mesh RTA .
Made for DTL
Product Type: N80
Series: Mirco Mesh Coil
Micro Mesh: Kanthal
Coil Type: Mesh Coil
Resistance: 0.2 ohm
Wire Material: KA1
Resistance: 0.17 ohm

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Introducing the Zeus X Mesh RTA coils, a game-changer in the world of rebuild able coils.
First of all, these coils are specifically designed for the GeekVape Mesh RTA, a popular choice among vaping enthusiasts.
What sets the Mesh RTA coils apart is their innovative mesh coil design.
Instead of traditional wire coils, these coils utilize a mesh pattern, allowing for improved heat distribution and enhanced flavor production.
This mesh design also results in faster and more even heating, providing a smoother and more satisfying vaping experience.
The Mesh RTA coils are made for direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping, catering to those who enjoy larger vapor production and intense flavor.
The coils have a resistance of 0.2 ohms, providing the ideal balance between cloud production and flavor intensity.
With these coils, you can enjoy dense and flavorful clouds with every puff.
Moreover, the Mesh RTA coils are constructed using high-quality materials.
The micro mesh coil is made of Kanthal, a durable and heat-resistant wire material that ensures a longer coil lifespan.
The wire material used in these coils is KA1, known for its excellent conductivity and stability.
In addition to the coils, the box contents include two Zeus X Mesh Micromesh Coils and two agleted (shoelace) cotton strips.
The agleted cotton makes wicking a breeze, allowing for easy installation and optimal e-liquid absorption.
In brief, the Mesh RTA coils from GeekVape are a must-have for vapers seeking an exceptional vaping experience.
With their mesh coil design, DTL compatibility, and high-quality construction, these coils deliver outstanding performance and flavor.
Upgrade your vaping setup with the Zeus X RTA coils and enjoy an elevated vaping experience like never before.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rebuild-able Atomizers (RBAs, RDAs, etc.) are ADVANCED USER PRODUCTS and ARE NOT recommended for average users or beginners. The use and knowledge of how to properly test for shorts with a multimeter is a very important factor when building your own coils and wicks. WE DO NOT OFFER ANY WARRANTY, REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON ANY REBUILD-ABLE ATOMIZERS DUE TO THE NATURE OF THESE PRODUCTS.

Packing Items:

  • 2x Zeus X Mesh Micromesh Coil
  • 2x Agleted (Shoelace) Cotton




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