Uwell Caliburn GK3


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Uwell Caliburn GK3

Uwell Caliburn GK3 Specifics:

Brand: Uwell
Model: Caliburn GK3
Type: Pod
Battery: 900mah
Materials: PCTG, PC+ABS
Dimensions: 74.8 mm × 49.2 mm × 17.1 mm
Net Weight: Approx. 52 g
Output Power: Maximum 25 W
E-liquid Capacity: 2.5 ml
Coil Cartridge: Caliburn G3
Airflow: Dual System
Charging: 2A Fast

Uwell Caliburn GK3 Uwell Caliburn GK3


The Uwell Caliburn GK3, a sleek and innovative pod system, showcases the commitment of Uwell to excellence in vaping technology.
Firstly, it’s crucial to note that this pod system, belonging to the renowned Caliburn series, is a testament to Uwell’s dedication to advancing the vaping experience.
Weighing in at a mere 52 grams, the Caliburn GK3 is impressively lightweight and compact, making it an ideal companion for vapers on the go. \
Moreover, its dimensions of 74.8 mm × 49.2 mm × 17.1 mm ensure that it fits snugly into your palm, providing a comfortable and ergonomic grip.
The Caliburn GK3 is powered by a 900mAh battery, delivering a maximum output power of 25W.
In addition, the utilization of materials like PCTG and PC+ABS ensures durability and a premium feel.
The inclusion of a 2.5ml e-liquid capacity, housed in the Caliburn G3 coil cartridge, allows for an extended vaping experience without constant refills.
Furthermore, the Caliburn GK3 boasts a dual-system airflow, enabling users to customize their vaping experience according to their preferences.
Whether you prefer a tighter draw or a more airy one, this pod system accommodates diverse styles seamlessly.
A notable feature of the Caliburn GK3 is its efficient charging capability.
Notably, the 2A fast charging ensures that downtime is minimized, and you can get back to enjoying your favorite e-liquids quickly.
This rapid charging feature is especially beneficial for those who are always on the move.
In conclusion, the Uwell Caliburn GK3 stands out in the world of pod systems with its compact design, powerful performance, and user-friendly features.
To sum up, from its lightweight construction to the efficient dual-system airflow and rapid charging, every aspect of the Caliburn GK3 is designed to enhance the vaping experience.
Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or a newcomer, Uwell’s Caliburn GK3 is a reliable and stylish choice.

Packing Items:

  • CALIBURN GK3 Device
  • 0.6 Ω CALIBURN G3 Integrated Coil Cartridge
  • 0.9 Ω CALIBURN G3 Integrated Coil Cartridge
  • Type-C Charging Cable
  • Lanyard
  • User Manual



Uwell is a leading vape brand that has been producing cutting-edge products since 2015. From their sleek, stylish designs to their innovative features, Uwell has been a trusted name in the vaping industry. Their products range from tanks and mods to coils, batteries, and replacement parts. Uwell is known for their high-quality materials and craftsmanship, making their products reliable and durable. Their most popular products are the Valyrian tank and the Caliburn G Pod Kit. The Valyrian tank has adjustable airflow, comes in different sizes, and is made of stainless steel. The Caliburn G Pod Kit has a 450mAh battery, a 2ml capacity, and a dual firing system. With their wide range of products, Uwell is sure to have something for everyone.

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